#74: HOLY SHIT – the best choco chip cookies ever.

hi hi hi hi!

Food Network has a show on now called Kids Baking Championship and it’s quickly becoming my favorite all time show, mostly because of one contestant – Aidan Berry from Shalimar, FL. 


I sent this video to my friend Cameron and he asked me if I was Benjamin Buttoning. No joke – this kid was me about 30 years ago. A little chunky and serving up a whole lot of “enthusiasm” (which is the superlative I got from my 8th grade class – most enthusiastic….  😒). At one point during this episode, Aidan is talking about giving the judges an ice cream side to his waffle cake (the challenges on this show are dumb/insane), but Aidan is all about the extra credit. He asks “what do I have to lose? My dignity?”.

THIS KID IS 12!  I fucking love him!

I would have died to be on TV when I was 12 and get a little taste of stardom. And it looks like Aidan is having a total ball. But I know how kids are, and I worry for Aidan. “Enthusiasm”, especially around other 12 year olds, is generally met with confusion and maybe some harsh judgment. I’ve been there, Aidan! And the next 5 years are gonna be real doozers….

So – Aidan – I am a big big fan and hope you win the whole fucking thing. I happily dedicate these giant fucking cookies to you.  They were delicious; I think you would approve!

Ok team. The recipe for these cookies was created by Sarah Kieffer. She has a blog and a book, but the link to the recipe is on this other bird’s site (Here’s the link, y’all!). I added party sprinkles to mine to jazz them up, but I think this might be my new go-to choco chip cookie.  I still have to make the hungry hutch brown butter choco chip cookies, but these are now the cookies to beat.

AND! How about that Valentine’s Day mailbox I made!??? I’m 40 and I made a box for my Valentine’s!  AIDAN – this is completely normal!!!

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