#80! Moist-Moist-Moist Butter Bars 

Hi hi hi hi hi! 

So Rita and I were in Arizona last week.  Hiking & canyons & painted deserts & petrified forests & mountain cabins!  I rented us a dingus car and then made my sister drive it up and down all of Arizona’s  mountains because I’m afraid of heights!  

To be totes honest, the main reason for the trip was to stay at the wigwam motel. I’d been wanting to go for a few years, but Jimmy thought the idea was real, real lame. Thankfully, Rita was up for it. 

The Wigwam Motel is off of Rte 66 in Holbrook, Arizona, which is like literally nowhere. The only other thing in town is this rock shop with a bunch of dumb dinosaurs out front: 

The motel is just around the corner and it’s just like a motel but all of the normal rooms were built to look like wigwams, ok??? And they all have old-timey cars parked out front. 

The insides are mostly normal for pretty old motels – they had normal beds, very normal bathrooms and normal  TVs.  (No VH1, so we couldn’t watch the new Rupaul Drag Race…. )  Here’s me modeling the inside of a Wigwam…. NORMAL, RIGHT?????

(shiny forehead!)

It was cold that night, so we cranked up the furnace to a million and I spent the entire night scared that the furnace would explode and we’d be burned alive.  So, if you go, maybe go in the summer when the furnace explosion risks are much lower….  I can’t stress enough how normal it is! 

And that’s the end of my wigwam adventure!  More pictures:

We did all of these great great things and then ended up back in Phoenix.  We went to the Chestnut Fine Food & Provisions and we shared the butter bar there. REAL TALK, team – this was the best dang thing I’ve had in a long long time. I found a recipe online and tried my best to replicate:


1 box yellow cake mix 

1 stick butter – MELTED!

1 egg


2 cups powdered sugar

2 eggs

1 pack cream cheese (8oz)

Splash, vanilla

Parch-paper an 8×8″ tray.  Mix first layer first and mash that into the tray.  Then mix second layer and blop that on top of first layer. Then bake the whole mess at 45 min at 350. Maybe bake for 50 minutes. The center part needs to be cooked through!

IMPORTANT – you absolutely need to chill these in the freezebox for about 2 hours so the middle is completely set and doesn’t just bloop out all over the granite countertops. I took mine out too early and it was a complete murder scene and I cried for a good 29 minutes!

(NOTE – I promise to keep working on this recipe. Not my best work, y’all!)

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