#116 – Chocolate Crunkles

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

1. I’m writing this at 11:34pm but the photo will happen tomorrow

(Oh wait. Here it is!)

2. My friend Cammy came over and I made some late night mimosas. Just two! But I didn’t have dinner so I’m feel so fresh and exciting.

3A. Ridiculous amounts of life stress happening right now, team. House is closing next week and I have final furniture moves to coordinate and my movers are in the hospital (long story) and we have our electrician coming every four days to install new fixtures and outlets and maybe hose out our vents???? My dad’s cataracts are all fogged over and he needs to get a lens scrape-down. Everyone’s falling apart. And there’s nothing good on TV right now.

3B. Oh – and in the middle of all of this, Jimmy and I are DRIVING to dang Philadelphia for his niece’s wedding.  That’s like an 8 hour road trip.  EIGHT HOURS.  oh – but wait – Jim said he wants to take the doggos with us now!  It’s just going to be a lot, you know?  All I wanna do is cuddle my dang self in a giant muffin bed and nap and watch some movies and hang out, but I’m going to be up to my nards in dogs and bridesmaids and Irish people and gas station burritos.  HUMPH!

4. Did you see that thing this week about the pope meeting the Chilean guy who was a gay and the pope told the gay that gays are normal and God loves gays??? LINK HERE!

Jim dated this dude!  I guess this dude lived in Cleveland and Jimmy dated him and his sisters all thought he was SOOOO handsome….

I’m over here just dicking around with some cookies and Jimmy’s ex is meeting with popes and changing the whole Catholic Church.


But – what about those cookies, y’all???  They were pretty great!  I got the recipe from a Martha Stewart cookbook called Cookies & More.  (or All About Cookies)  (or It’s Me – MARTHA: Cookies!).  Anyway – her recipe is called like Gammy’s Best Choco Cookies.  It’s like 2-1/2 sticks of butter & 2 cups sugar (!) & 3/4 cup cocoa & 2 eggs & 2 cups flour.  Listen – I added some espresso powder and I rolled my chilled dough lumps in demerara sugar and I think they tasted pretty great.  I’m not sure how copyright law works, so I’m not going to give the full recipe.  BUY THE BOOK!

What else???  WHAT ELSE???

Y’all – I’m at a dang loss.


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