Chorizo & Cheeso Hi-Pie

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

It’s been a full year since we took our big trip to BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, and I keep thinking about all those dang empanadas that we scarfed the entire time. YOU GUYS – this one night, Cameron and I went to see Argentina drag queens and then had empanadas at a GAS STATION afterwards!


Speaking of Cameron, it’s his dumb birthday on Saturday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FUCKFACE!

Cameron likes to send me texts that start “babe, should I/we do XYZ?”

I’ve collected some of my favorites and would like to share them here, because they’re really funny:

  • Should I become a small town lesbian?
  • Should I put more people on blast?
  • Babe should we get belly chains?
  • Should we get see-through cat suits?
  • Babe should I start carrying a switch blade?
  • Should I get a keyboard cat tramp stamp?
  • Should I start calling myself a bone collector?

I’m not sure what that last one really means…. I’m guessing it’s referring to Denzel Washington???

Ok! Back to these chorizo & cheeso hi-pies! Holy fuck! They’re fucking delicious! This is maybe a JACK VOLPI SIGNATURE RECIPE, and I’m rethinking a cookbook idea, so I’m holding off on a recipe because maybe that goes in the book!

So – just buy my dumb book in four years when it’s published, OK????

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