Ohio / Buckeye Iced Cream Sandwiches

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So many things are happening here that are real things!  Here’s a list!

  1. Cameron and I went to see hunky Henry Cavill and 56-year old bag of bones Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible last weekend.  It was the absolute dumbest.  Honestly – the only redeeming thing about it was Henry Cavill’s gorgeous face (and nothing else.  Seriously – he doesn’t even take his shirt off!  LAME!) 
  2. While we were waiting for the movie to start, Jeni from Jeni’s ice cream sits down like 4 seats that way 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼. Same aisle, same dumb movie.  I am paralyzed with fear about the whole situation and of course say nothing.  Hi Jeni!  Wasn’t that movie the worst?
  3. Yesterday was my friend Staci’s birthday!  Remember Staci from blog #3???  She and I rode motorized scooters around Columbus to celebrate and it was so fun.  (NOTE – we stopped and had a Jeni’s ice cream!)  Y’all these scooters are so fun and I can’t wait to scoot all over town!
  4. Speaking of scooters, our #2 dog Wrecko likes to scoot on the carpet.  He’s a scooting terrorist.  His new nickname is Scootin’ Putin.  DOES HE NEED HIS ANAL GLANDS SQUEEZED OUT?????  Jimmy thinks he might just have butt allergies.
  5. My friend Robert Mahar is on the new Making It Show with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman.  Did you see the first episode???  Mahartsandcrafts won the first challenge (that’s my nickname for him.  His nickname for me is Crackerjack, which is real cute!)  Anyway – what about the guy with the black funeral wreath story???  YEESH!!!!!  Mom & Dad – I’m glad you guys aren’t dicks!  ANYWAY – watch this show!  It’s pretty good!!!!
  6. And is anyone else watching the Sharper Objects on HBO???  Amy Adams is a cutter and a boozer and she’s in her hometown reporting on some murders where the murderers pulls the teeth out of teenage girls.  GRIZZLY, RIGHT???  It’s a lot like that other HBO murder show with Matthew McConnaughay (spelling???) but with 100% more Patricia Clarkson acting like an asshole.
  7. Move over egg sandwiches!  The best new breakfast / lunch meal is SMOKED SALMON AND CREAMCHEESE ON A PLAIN BAGEL.  It’s the only thing I’m eating right now.

OK – that was a pretty great list.  Saveur – are you guys reading this shit?  Blog awards are coming up and I’m pulling out my A+ material here….  Remember Scootin’ Putin???  It’s about the same as Northwild Kitchen in terms of literary excellence.  (everyone, please buy the new Northwild Kitchen book.  Nevada Berg is the best.  Hi, Nevada!)

I had the idea for these ice cream sandwiches yesterday when I saw a picture of ice cream sandwiches and had this thought: “wouldn’t it be rad if the cookies were Ohio cookies?”

The iced cream here is the buckeye state ice cream that I made a few months ago.  LINK HERE.  And the cookies are just basic bitch cut-outs.  ANOTHER LINK, Y’ALL!  It took about 3.5 hours to make the cookies AND the iced cream.  Not too shabby!

NOTE 1 – when you do the cookies, cut out some of your Ohios (or whatever) the normal right way.  Then cut the same amount and flip them around to be the opposite way for baking.  This way – you get a sandwich with a top and a bottom that are both like normal.  DOES THIS MAKE SENSE????

NOTE 2 – When the iced cream was ready, I spread it in a brownie tray lined with plastic cling and froze that shit over night.  Then, this morning, I popped out of bed at 6am and used my same Ohio cookie cutter to cut out ice cream Ohios.  I did my sandwiches and then rewrapped the sandos in more cling for another freeze.  That’s how you make professional looking sandos, y’all!

Ugh – that’s all I have today.

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